Message 8

TrAnScEnDiNg…im movin on

Even when its painful, there’s something about growth that secretes ease.

People say that nothing good comes easy, and if it’s easy then I sure as hell don’t want it. I want to work hard for what I want otherwise how is it rewarding? The hardest times hit you all at once until you have nothing else to do but focus on getting better and thats where I’m at right now.

My life gets so crazy that all I’m left with is focusing on how to tackle the problem and get things straightened out. Part of growth is dealing with hard or uncomfortable changes and when those obstacles are overcome, relief rushes through you, and I promise that.

When you accomplish something, it’s natural to feel relieved and compitent.  When you make it through and come out on top of shit, you’re gonna feel damn good.

I believe I began to transcend at Bonnaroo in June 2017.  I went with no expectations but to have a great time, that was all that I dreamed  of doing for those 4 days. Normally, I am one to focus on the negatives, I just cant pass on why things happen to me the way they do. At Bonnaroo it was an unknown world, where things didnt happen they way I thought they would but I had no good reason to complain or get upset or dwell or even be somewhat bitter.  I told my mom this and she told me I was transcending.

Transcending is a funny thing, because you seem to grow unexpectidly or in the weirdest times or environments.

Wait for your moment, when shit hits the fan for a while and you make it out on top, thats when you’ll feel your most liberated.


2 thoughts on “Message 8

  1. Absolutely. Writing is healing for most of us. I don’t care who sees it for the most part, in the beginning I was actually afraid that people I knew would see it but it just made them understand me more. But ultimately it is for us. And writing on this blog and reading other people’s writings helps us know we’re not alone.

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