Message 4

My eyes now grow heavy alongside the lack of motivation I am posessed with.  I suppose I’ve always felt this way so it is nothing new.  But the way I unconsciously let the heavyness and darkness creep its way to the surface of my being haunts me. My issues temporairly whither away only to be […]

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Message 3

I’ve always been a strong candidate in expressing empathy in regards to other people and their feelings.  Being able to express that you care through empathizing is the best way to support someone.  I think the reasoning behind why I am able to express this so much is because I don’t ever recall having a […]

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Message 2

The most troubling aspect I feel I face right now during this time in my life is persistance with focing on what will effect me for the rest of my life.  The priorities I have in my life should be college and focusing on a career i want to persure but insdead in caught up […]

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