Sometimes self-care means turning the TV off, setting your phone aside and just putting on a face mask while you paint your nails.  Reading a book or even just taking a walk is good for anyone’s mental health.  When you unplug from the world of technology you automatically become more in tune with yourself and promote a higher self worth.  There is a sense of accomplishment when you focus on being in the moment, think about it, we roughly have ninety or so years to live, when you die, all of those hours that you spent scrolling on social media and watching television will mean nothing to you.

I have recently discovered a very important aspect of my being.

Truly, the only thing that matters in life is personal connection to other people and being in tune with yourself entirely.  I believe that those two things speak to my soul in ways that nothing ever has or will.  All activities that involve being in the moment such as working out, cooking, taking a bath, conversing, writing, meditating, and even just cleaning all provide a reward weather it be physical or mental.  I am a very strong believer in that when I sit on my phone or watch Netflix for hours, I feel so uneasy with where I am going because I am doing nothing to better myself. and when I unplug from that world I automatically feel so much better about where I’m going in my life.

I meditated for the very first time last week for thirty six minutes and the centered mind that I was emitting into my world was life changing.  I didn’t open my eyes once, I didn’t want to, and when I was done I took a look around my room at all of the materialistic items that I owned and not one of them really brought me comfort.  It is so easy to get caught up in our daily lives, and we honestly just end up wasting so much of our time doing pointless things that in the end, have no emotional effect on us.

Its sad to me that our generation is so wrapped around this idea of a perfect life and posing to show all of our social media followers.  All of the apps that we utilize every day should be an outlet to bring us ease from our lives when it get stressful, we can log on and forget about our issues for a moment.  Instead, we spend hours sucked into these little devices that make us forget about what really matters in our lives.

To anyone who is reading this, please know that you don’t have to be a professional artist or musician to feel a sense of accomplishment or a higher worth.  Reading a book expands the vocabulary, writing brings ease to the mind, there are so many things that you can do to feel better about the way that you spend your time. I promise you, the more you unplug from technology and social media and focus on things that are truly good for you, the better you will feel about yourself and where you are going in life.

I have recently been doing exercises that deal with the law of attraction, and for those of you who may not know about this concept, or way of life if you will, it is basically the practice of altering your thoughts so you can bring about a more positive attitude and therefore, a better more fulfilled and happier life.  Really think about this, if you are constantly being negative and telling yourself “This sucks!” or “Life is terrible because of this, this, and that!” your life really will start to become those things.  If you constantly tell yourself that you are healthy, you will start to become healthier, maybe by eating better! I think that humans have this innate drive to dwell, and life does suck sometimes and that alright to admit!  But there is no reason to dwell on negative things because they will eat you up.

Below I will attach a link that helped me kick start this practice and after only a week, it has had a very positive impact on my life and my emotional health overall.

Your subconscious mind deals a lot with your thinking and behavior, we don’t think about what we do most of the time we just do it.  It will take lots of dedication and practice to change our thoughts and behaviors because we first have to bring them to our conscious, then we have to start rewiring our minds to think at a higher level until they can start to reach and fill our sub conscious.

It is amazing what we can do for ourselves when we want it badly enough, it sounds rather simple but if you don’t want to change, you won’t!  Know that you are learning and growing every day, and in order to reach your life’s full potential is is essential to be in tune with yourself and to make healthy and positive changes. Care about Self-care.


Here is the video link, I extremely support that everyone give it a listen.


Side Note – I was encouraged to write this post because of a book that I received from my mother for Christmas, it’s her favorite book and I truly think it has become mine as well… its called Living, Loving, and Learning by Leo F. Buscaglia.  If reading this post spoke to you or motivated you in any way, I strongly suggest the reading.


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  1. Law of attraction does work!!! I still have trouble every once in awhile keeping my head clear and bring mindful throughout the day because I have been practicing law of attraction since my freshman year and I had lost touch with it when I was doing q lot of drugs n blah blah blah and have had a king strange journey back to it. But it is so worth it. Also if you exercise I highly recommend yoga!! It’s an underrated form of actual good exercise and it makes you so strong and is so good for you…keep up the positive self care dude!!

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