I’VE BEEN M.I.A. … For the last couple months I have been in writing hiding.  I have a personal journal that I carry around constantly and I try and update it with my daily life.  For the most part I am pretty good at it, but lately I have not had much motivation.  I suppose […]


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HARD WORK… Hard work will, in all cases, move you to greater places in life.  I don’t care where you work, whether it be for Corporate America making six figures, or for Burger King making eight dollars an hour.  There is a high level of respect for people who work their absolute hardest at their […]

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GROWTH…  Always chose change over stagnation.  The only way you can truly grow and expand is by embracing and experiencing change.  I feel as though I have stuck with what I know I’m comfortable with for so long.  This is because I am scared to disrupt what I think I can handle.  I eat the […]

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L O V E . . . Love can mean so many different things, its a broad word that engulfs large amounts of feelings, people, emotions, things, places and so much more.  It means a number of vastly incredible things to any one person in particular.  There is no one definition.  Only with love can […]

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SELF-CARE… Sometimes self-care means turning the TV off, setting your phone aside and just putting on a face mask while you paint your nails.  Reading a book or even just taking a walk is good for anyone’s mental health.  When you unplug from the world of technology you automatically become more in tune with yourself […]

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MOVING… I said goodbye to my childhood home on October 7, 2017 and I swear it felt like I was saying goodbye to a part of myself.  I know that I will always remember some memories but goodbyes to sentimental things like that is personally one of the hardest things for me to do.  The […]

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HURTING… It happens all the time, sometimes it never really goes away… Most times, I find myself waking up hurt, going to bed hurt, and functioning throughout the day pretty damn hurt. I live my long, and mostly dreadful, days knowing that I can’t help the hurting or the way I feel, I can only […]

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PERSPECTIVE … The way you view, compare, and see things puts everything into perspective in contrast to one another. Although we cannot necessarily be 100% sure of what things are going to happen to us, we all have the power to chose how we react to said situations. We truly can alter the outcomes with […]

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PATIENCE… I wish patience was something that was rewarded over night.  Unfortunately, life has a great way of making the bad/hard times seem like they last forever and the easy/good times seem to last only mere seconds. Personally, I hate waiting for what I desire or need… I can’t seem to just let things happen […]

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Message 8

TrAnScEnDiNg… Even when its painful, there’s something about growth that secretes ease. People say that nothing good comes easy, and if it’s easy then I sure as hell don’t want it. I want to work hard for what I want otherwise how is it rewarding? The hardest times hit you all at once until you […]

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