PATIENCE… I wish patience was something that was rewarded over night. ¬†Unfortunately, life has a great way of making the bad/hard times seem like they last forever and the easy/good times seem to last only mere seconds. Personally, I hate waiting for what I desire or need… I can’t seem to just let things happen […]

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Message 8

TrAnScEnDiNg… Even when its painful, there’s something about growth that secretes ease. People say that nothing good comes easy, and if it’s easy then I sure as hell don’t want it. I want to work hard for what I want otherwise how is it rewarding? The hardest times hit you all at once until you […]

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Message 7

GROWING…Life is testing me so hard, I told my friend Brianne that Karma is getting me for things I havent even done yet, that was before I broke her window and now have to pay $270 just for the glass, ironic.  Keeping my sanity is goal one. You have to know that your life isnt […]

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Message 6

WASTING TIME …Someone riddle me why I constantly feel as though I am not doing enough. Even when I’m at work and am making the most money I can to pay bills etc. It doesnt feel like enough.  Is it a part of human nature to always want thinks we dont understand or cant necessairly […]

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Message 5

Here are some stats on my life: -renting my own house downtown -parents divorcing -broke year and half relationship -new job -first 2 tattoos -mom tried to kill herself -went to bonnaroo, lollapalooza, MIA fest (music festivals) -listing my childhood house in a month -owe dad $200 -owe landlord $600 SO TO SAY THE VERY […]

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