The way you view, compare, and see things puts everything into perspective in contrast to one another.

Although we cannot necessarily be 100% sure of what things are going to happen to us, we all have the power to chose how we react to said situations. We truly can alter the outcomes with even a slight shift in perspective.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is freak out about life’s everyday stressors, “Theres nothing I can do, my life just gets shittier by the moment, no matter how hard I try to do good, only bad returns, and its not fair!” Ill admit that I easily react to stress by throwing a fit, after all, thats the quickest response. I find I can ease my anger and release tension by doing so… but in retrospect its only temporary.

The first step to altering your perspective in the midst of shitty situations is to recognize that you genuinely have limited liability in initial occurrences. Some actions or decisions that you make might have an influence on outcomes, but a considerable amount of the things that occur is just life throwing itself at us uncontrollably.

Knowing that you have a limited amount of responsibility in the cause of shitty situations will bring immediate ease. For example, you have no control over whether you get a call back from the place of employment that you just interviewed for yesterday, but you have all the power in the world to prepare for the best and worst. You have executed your best self, and if you don’t get the job, don’t look at it as you not deserving that opportunity. Look at it as a platform, keep trying to better yourself and know that you are deserving of the things that you need and want!

***Here are some simple reactions to life’s negative outcomes that will leave you feeling incompetent, undeserving, and mentally drained:

– Justifying why you think you deserve bad things

– Continuously bitching about your life being unfair

– Thinking that everyone has an easier out than you

– Comparing your life to others in general

– Taking it out on people who have nothing to do w/ the situation

– Coming to the conclusion that life is too hard and shitty so you are just going to coast through the day and miserably make it through life

***Now here are more difficult, yet highly more rewarding ways to respond to life’s negative outcomes that will leave you feeling empowered, strong, deserving:

– Turn your frustration and anger into motivation to better yourself

– Look for any positives in the situation that would not have come about otherwise

– Alter your negative mood by doing an activity that you enjoy so the debriefing process is positive

– Dont compare your misfortunes in life to other peoples, focus on you

– Know that life has a different way of rewarding and punishing every person

Shifting perceptions in the midst of a shitty situation when you feel as though you just cant catch a break is so fucking difficult. But the good things in life don’t come so simple now do they?

When life smacks you upside the head and pummels you to the ground, you will FEEL weak, but that doesn’t mean that you ARE weak. Life is really just a game, and we all get knocked back to square one so many times we lose count… But chose to get the hell up and rise above the things that hurt you, it’s going to feel so good when you change your perspective.


4 thoughts on “MESSAGE 10

  1. Thanks for the visit Madison and your piece here is right on point. I like to look at everything that happens to you as having a lesson whether the experience was good or bad – what did you learn about the other person or yourself or from the situation itself. We waste a lot of energy worrying about things which would netter but to use by investing in the new, the positive and energising parts of life. Bouncing ideas on other people is also a great way to test perspectives even if you eventually revert to your own. Have a lovely day!😀 Chevvy

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